Pet crematory Services

We offer a complete pet crematory service in the Marina Alta and Valencia Region. We are convinced that your pet will be with you in some way and that it will accompany you the rest of your days on earth. We are sure that all this will pass and that in a few months, this sadness will turn into the joy of the good memories you spent with them. We are convinced that with our pet crematory in La Marina we will be able to accompany you in this hard process and that soon you will have the rest that you and your pet deserve. We are sure that we are not only a pet crematory, but we also care about people and we accompany them and treat them with respect.

Pet mortuary in Valencia Region

In the Marina Alta we have several facilities to make the best farewell of your pet, with our cremation service we can be with you in those hard moments. We can help you in all the area of La Marina, La Safor . We are sure that with our help and that of the Cremalia team, the funeral of your pet will be a mere formality that whenever we can help you get through this hard time.

In Cremalia we think that the end is only a new beginning and we think that we want to accompany you in this new beginning. To begin with this new part of your life that you are already starting, we want to offer you our best work and love so that with our professionalism, direct treatment and transparency we can walk together towards this new beginning.

We have a place to offer crematorium services in the Marina Alta and La Safor. This has modern facilities to offer its customers the greatest comfort.

We offer funeral and cremation services for pets and animals, both to veterinary centres and to individuals, as well as having our own mortuary in Gandia.

From there we give pets mortuary service to the whole province of Valencia and area of the Marina Alta, in towns like Dènia, Jávea, Moraira, Teulada, etc.

Now you can say goodbye to your beloved pet, just as he deserves, thanks to our pets crematory services.

Maximum delivery 24 hours

For the transfer of your pet we have ecological funeral shrouds.


This is our Pet Crematory Service

We have services to attend the cremation of your pet, either live or recorded as part of our commitment to your satisfaction.

We pick up your pet at your veterinary clinic or home and deliver the urn to your home or physically, if you go to the cremation. Likewise, we will make you the holder of a certificate of cremation of your pet.

For the transfer of your pet we have ecological funeral shrouds. We adapt to you by offering different service packages. We also adapt to your schedule and needs to make it easier for you.

We make a quick collection, both from your home and from your vet of confidence. We also have vehicles equipped and adapted to move the body of your pet with the utmost respect.

We'll say goodbye to your pet together if you decide to come to our mortuary. You will also be able to monitor the process in real time or later (DVD recording) to foster ethics and transparency.

We offer a highly environmentally friendly service, with equipment, techniques and vehicles specially prepared for this purpose. We carry out the crematory process using a 100% ecological and technologically advanced oven that complies with all the regulations indicated by the law.

We help you to keep your pet's memory alive through all kinds of reminders, such as jewelry, photo frames and urns in addition to its cremation certificate. Delivered either to your home or physically if you attend our Animal Mortuary facilities.

An eternal memory

The farewell they deserve

Saying goodbye to your pet is always complicated. For this reason, it is very important to give them the best goodbye we can and not turn the goodbye into a bitter memory. We help you to give your pet a good and dignified rest, returning part of the love and affection that all animals that pass through our lives provide.

From Cremalia we put at your disposal a series of diverse services, arranged for the different capacities and needs that your pet may require. One of our maxims is to offer a high quality service in all cremations, collective or individual, striving to reflect our love and affection for animals.

Pet crematory

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